The founders of Agent Know How (AKH), a Real Estate Coaching and Mobile App development company, are pleased to announce the launch of MiFunnel, an easy-to-use sales and commission tracking app for real estate agents, built by agents.

Our mission is overtly simple: to empower both new and seasoned real estate professionals, and help them become immensely successful business owners, by providing them dynamic tools to manage their sales business in the mobile space, in a way that is meaningful to them.

MiFunnel is the flagship product of the AKH organization. It utilizes what we feel is the most important tool within a real estate agent’s business arsenal: an agent’s mobile device.

Using the native features of mobile devices, MiFunnel streamlines lead in-take and provides a means to perform quick commission calculations, so that agents never feel lost about what is happening in their business again. By monitoring and measuring the metrics of their business, we believe that what gets measured, will more than likely be improved.

In addition, MiFunnel promises to help agents answer some of the most thought provoking questions about their business that may have been hard to answer in the past like:

1. How many leads did you generate this week?
2. Where are the majority of your leads coming from?
3. Which type of transactions do you gravitate to? Is it worth your time?
4. What is the value of working with this client versus another?

With MiFunnel’s real time business intelligence reports and analytics, which are the heart and soul of this product, agents can make better business decisions about where to spend their time and marketing dollars.

We hope that real estate agents will utilize MiFunnel on a daily basis to manage their sales business. Our recommendation to all real estate agents is to forget the spreadsheet, and the pen and paper. Everything an agent needs to keep track of their real estate sales business is possible with MiFunnel.

We want you to enjoy using MiFunnel and to know that we are committed to its improvement. You can email us at feedback@mifunnel.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Feel free to recommended MiFunnel to members of your team and fellow agents and don’t forget to review us in the iStore.

The team at MiFunnel would like to give a special, warm and heartfelt thank you to the following people who have aided us in the development of MiFunnel.

To the team at OutSourceYourApp.com for your tireless efforts in making our idea, our dream into a reality. We would still be in wire-frame mode and lost in our design document if it were not for you. Thank for believing in us and giving life to MiFunnel.

To MiFunnel Fans and Advocates: Amos Elroy, Eric Mieles, Hollis Brown, Lynda White, Gina Peterson, Alex Clavijo, Derek Cheng thank you for reading and responding to our emails and giving us feedback on how to improve MiFunnel. AND, a very and BIG Shout out to the fans of Agent Know How on Facebook, who endeared our constant updates about MiFunnel and gave us their feedback on what to build and why. We built MiFunnel for you.

To friends and family: Prissy, Rob, Juan, you questioned our motives and pushed us harder to make a more meaningful product. Thank you for being there for us and for being a part of this journey.

The following terms of service have been provided to facilitate your easier use of MiFunnel.

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