Press Release Marketing Formula

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Given that we just released MiFunnel a few days ago, it has been really hectic around the Agent Kow How (AKH) office.

To promote our app, we submitted a press release to PRweb. The results have been FANTASTIC. I know Lori Ballen, a KW Mega, Mega Agent, is a big fan of press releases.

Just imagine for a second that you are standing in front of your network in a crowded room with a blow horn and after you submit your press release to a site like PRweb, someone not in your social or professional circle, picks up the same blow horn and touts your latest and greatness to their network. That second or third voice could be just as influential as your own.

That’s the power of press releases. I am now a BIG FAN. The lights are on upstairs and the wheels are turning.

But here’s what you need to know if you are thinking about submitting a press release.

Step 1: Think about what’s newsworthy in your business that reporters and bloggers would want to tout for you! 

Ex: New Listing XYZ, mmm, not that exciting, but the announcement of new construction development, an exclusive listing, with floor plans and models layouts, very exciting! 

Step 2: Follow this simple press release marketing formula. It will help you craft your press release.

  • A. In the Headline, include the company or business name of who is making the announcement. – this is important for Google Alerts later. 
  • B. After you craft your press release, 3-5 paragraphs at the most, you will have to condense it to a 2 sentence summary. Select a buzz worthy SEO keyword(s).
  • In my case, I was focusing on real estate and CRM.

  • C. Including quote(s) from users, clients or customers who can atest to your product or service; add features and benefits.
  • D. You are allowed, at least on PRweb, one logo or image to include with the release and link(s) to where people are able to read more about your P or S.
  • E. Add your contact information at the bottom of the press releases so that you can answer follow up questions from the press about your product, service, announcement.
  • F. Decide where you want to release your press release. Chose the appropriate media category and which regions you would like to submit your release.

Step 3: Set up google alerts to see if reporters and bloggers reprint your release. When a reprint takes place, you will alerted to who touted your announcement and within the PRweb site, you can see number of impressions and clicks on your link(s).

When we wrote the MiFunnel CRM press release, we followed the same press release marketing formula. See image below!

Screen shot of the MiFunnel Press Release

Step 4: Share you news using the social sharing buttons embedded when your press release is publish.

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