Permission to Cheat On Your CRM

iPhone Contact Manager Screen Shots

If you are a solo real estate agent (a company of one), without an admin or a lead assistant, it can be hard to manage all of your inbound leads, especially if your primary marketing phone number is your cell phone; and especially when you are in the field, time-blocking, prospecting, showing houses or on or a at listing appointment/negotiation/inspection/class/closing.

As you can imagine, busy real estate agents like you and me generate a ton of real estate leads, contacts, prospects and eventually clients on a daily basis.

This is the primary reason why many of the people who call me on my cell phone end up with strange names in my mobile device. When I listen to voicemails from missed callers or read text messages, again from missed texters, I usually add the individual name to my iPhone’s contact manager and the property address the caller inquired about in the company name field. Therefore, It’s not uncommon to find strange names for clients in my iPhone like Seema 14 Jacques Street, Gina 514 Brooklawn, or Allen NY Investor.

When callers or texters make contact during a time when I am unable to service them, I have developed this property association habit – some would call it a system – that helps me to remember and keep my inbound leads somewhat organized.

Believe it or not, through property association, even if I don’t call the caller back right away – which is a lead generation no no – I am able to track or piece together my lead opportunities at end of the day so that I can follow-up later.

More importantly, I can add the person to MiFunnel and calculate a quick commission scenario. If the numbers look favorable, I either work the lead or refer it. When you add leads to MiFunnel, your leads are time stamped by date and entered into the app according to this date. One of the advantages to using MiFunnel as a miniCRM, is being able to reflect on this information. For example, when I went into my commissions list today, I noticed that I have not added any leads since May 1st even though I’ve met some people I could hypothetically speaking turn into clients. Personally, I am an agent that generates 1-2 leads a day if not more from organic SEO, listing inquires from prospects surfing 3rd party syndicators like Trulia, and Zillow, and my sphere. Those are my 3 biggest lead sources and with MiFunnel business intelligence reports, I can monitor (track), my income per transaction, transaction trends, and dollar volume. Reports within MiFunnel are one of my favorite features.

Some agents have asked me why they use MiFunnel when they have other CRM systems in place like their MLS management system, Top Producer, Wise Agent, Realty Juggler, and a slew of others. My response to them is to think of MiFunnel as a intermediary between CRM systems. Therefore, it’s my recommendation to give yourself permission to cheat on your current CRM and see if using MiFunnel like the way I am describing will make you more productive. You lose nothing by using MuFunnel, except to gain the knowledge of the type of business potential you have in your sales funnel right now.

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