Mid to Late March MiFunnel Official Release Date

Mid to Late March
That’s when you should look for MiFunnel in the App Store!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening agents! My name is Angie Perez of Agent Know How. I am the executive producer of MiFunnel, a real estate sales and commission tracking app.

We are in the process of putting the final touches on MiFunnel such as a adding a “how to” wizard so that you when you download MiFunnel for the first time, you will know exactly how to use this nifty little app that could save your business life.

Just this past week, I add 5 sales to MiFunnel and the numbers were quite shocking to me. 4 closed and 1 pending sales amounted to $11,000 in real estate commissions in just two months of reporting. 40 percent of my year to date (YTD) income is coming from the internet; I am still gravitating towards buyer’s agency as oppose to listings even though I said I would focus on getting more listings this year and I have closed $491,900 in real estate sales, again YTD.

Either way, my numbers are not that bad for a part time real estate agent, full time mobile app developer.

But, . . . you see the reason why we are bringing you MiFunnel is so that same these business analytics that I just shared with you above, could be what motivates you to step up your game or allows you to reward yourself and take that vacation you so desperately deserve.

All good things come to those who track and what get measured get done. That’s the MiFunnel Moto!

Mid to Late March, that’s the goal and our promise to you!

OH, if you are on Facebook, please like us and don’t be shy. Let us know how we can improve MiFunnel when it comes out.

Until then, have a good day or evening!

Angie Perez

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